2012 will see a change in literacy leadership at Manaia View School. Janice Ball, our AP, will pick up this role


Literacy is an essential part of learning and with the growing range of literacies today's students are exposed to, it is vital all our students are not only competent and confident in the traditional literacies - speaking, reading and writing but also in the diverse multi-literacies needed in the 21st century.

This of course includes an intensive and extensive understanding and application of media literacies.
My key role in the literacy field will be linked to media literacy and development of Pukeko Echo. As director of the Pukeko Echo Television project I will be focussing
on all aspects of media. Key information linked to this
can be found on the Pukeko Echo page.

If you wish to take a look at the new curriculum document please go
to the following website:
NZ Curriculum
Here is where you can find a copy of the English Learning Area:
Learning Area - Literacy